What is a Good Domain Name?

Choosing a domain name for your ‘.co.uk’ website should be as important as choosing the name of your business. You should think about what sort of thing you want to tell your customers with your domain name. What sort of site are you? Do you offer a service or products? Do you want a long domain name giving more information, or a snappier short one?

There are lots of factors that can affect your decision, but the most important one is wether or not the domain you want is available:

Long or Short?

As a general rule, less is more, especially in the domain name world. Most good domain names are memorable single words. “Facebook.com”, “Amazon.co.uk”. Although there exist some memorable long domain names (“webuyanycar.com”) these tend to be exceptions, and you are much better off with a short one.

People tend to remember domain names that are two to seven characters long, and find domain names longer than sixteen characters difficult to remember.

Domain names are so important that it is even worth considering changing your company name to match your domain name. “www.example1.co.uk” just looks messy, and amateurish. If you are only just starting a business, there may be name options you haven’t considered, which would not only be unique, but may also be a better name overall.

A short domain name is not only more memorable, but also shows your customers that you mean business. A company called “Guard.co.uk” seems more professional and serious than a site like “webuyanycar.com”. Although in the latter case, they are going for something more fun and accessible, which may be true for you.

The key to a good domain name: relevance.

The key to a good domain name is relevance. If you are only going for one word, then it is crucial you get this right. Your customers are going to form an opinion about your company from the moment they see it, and you don’t want to mislead them.

To take some examples. The website “DIY.com” does exactly what it says on the tin. It is the website for B&Q, a large DIY retailer who sell products such as wood, glue, paint and glass. Perhaps your company is as straight forward as this, in which case going for a very basic and no nonsense name is for you.

Making sure you have the right “.co.uk” domain name can vastly improve the success of your site.

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