Welcome to Secure Names.

Securenames is a UK domain name holding company that specializes in portfolio management for businesses within the UK.

Having the right Domain Name for your business should be your number 1 priority. If you have multiple domain names – you will want to be sure you know when your  business domain names are due to expire or even worse, have already expired without you knowing.

We’re passionate about helping businesses improve their Domain Portfolio and helping new startups or even small or medium sized businesses get above their competitors in the search engines.

Having established ourselves back in 2001 which started out as a hobby we have grown to be experienced domain name brokers and developers who not only specialise in  buying and selling brandable generic domain names but also work to develop them into fully functional websites.branding In the UK’s over saturated advertising bill  boards, TV campaigns, online media and offline publications how can you find those vital potential customers. More to the point how can you stand out and convince  people your product or service is worth buying or investing in. By understanding how to advertise your brand efficiently and successfully is vital in today’s way of business life.

By owning the correct domain name will not only put you above your competitors in the advertising jungle but will help keep your name or product in peoples minds when they are next searching for your service or product online and offline.

Domain Benefits

  • Generic Domain Names
  • Help Your Business Grow
  • Boost Your Search Engine Rankings
  • Boost Customer Confidence
  • Easier To Remember
  • Plan Your Strategy Accordingly
“Having the right domain name is vital when doing business online. Secure Names helped us find the right domain name for our new online startup.”
-Simon Gilbert

UK Top Sales 2020

1. IT.co.uk £187,200
2. Free.co.uk £160,000
3. HelpToBuy.org.uk £40,251
4. Tights.co.uk £32,250
5. Bra.co.uk £10,501
6. DP.co.uk £10,250
7. MM.co.uk £10,000
7. Millions.co.uk £10,000
9. Nova.co.uk £9,250
10. Orac.co.uk £8,000