What are the benefits of owning a .co.uk and .uk

What are the benefits of owning a .co.uk and .uk domain over a .com one for UK businesses?

Sometimes it may seem a better choice to opt for a domain with .com at the end as it’s simpler for someone to remember and type in however today we’re going to look at why this is a common misconception and why having a .co.uk or .uk domain is much more beneficial should you be a UK based business. First, it’s important to explain that .com is what is referred to as a ‘top-level domain’. A domain ending with .uk is a ‘country code domain’ as it is referring to the United Kingdom, and lastly .co.uk is a ‘second level’ domain as it comes under the branch of .uk. Today we’re going to look at the benefits of having a domain that promotes the fact that you’re based in the UK.

Now let’s move on to why it is important to opt for a UK based domain. First and foremost, you want to convince your customer based and the wider public that you’re an authentic business that is based in the UK and gives the portrayal that you are a local, independent and trusted company. They will also be convinced that if they’re looking for information for example on UK businesses, that they will find it on a website ending in .uk and .co.uk rather than one which ends in .com which could potentially have the information they’re looking for but for the US for example; this can lead to people going away from your website and you won’t be having as many conversions.

If your customers get this positive portrayal from your domain and trust that you’re based in the UK and also that you’re reputable, this then means that they’ll feel more comfortable to do business with you. If you’re a company as well the .co.uk domain is especially useful to you as it gives the public the perception that you’re a commercial enterprise although you don’t necessarily have to be one to get such a domain it is all about the perception you give off to potential customers. You might also want to get a .com domain but have it direct the customer towards the .co.uk domain as this will increase your reach whilst at the same time promoting all of the points we’ve discussed today.

In summary, if you’re wanting to target the UK public/market with your services and/or product you should definitely consider getting a .co.uk or a .uk domain for your website. This will give customers the image that you are a UK company doing business domestically within the UK. Even if you aren’t a business but you want people to come to your site to read content in relation to the UK they have more chance of clicking on your website should they know the website is registered in the country that they’re looking at.