Frequently Asked Questions

How do i buy a domain name from Secure Names?

All the domain names we own have been purchased to be developed in the near future, However as there are only so many hours in a day we will most probably not get around to building websites on all the domain names we own. If there is a specific domain name you would like to purchase from us then we work on an offer/counter offer basis. Basically when you enquire about a domain name the potential buyer (you) makes an offer for the domain name, the seller (us) will then reply with a counter offer as to what we feel is a reasonable price for the domain name. The buyer (you) then has the option of buying the name at the price we have given or making another offer to try and negotiate. This continues until either party accepts the offer or closes the negotiations.

The .uk domain name transfer process.

Transferring a .uk domain name is started by the seller initiating a transfer request from Nominet UK. Once a transfer request has been made the buyer has 7 days to accept the transfer. If you have a domain name on the SECURENAMES tag we will not charge you to transfer away onto another tag. If you would like to transfer away please email us the the email address you registered the .uk domain name from with as much information as possible.

Nominet transfer fees.

Nominet UK transfer fees are £10 + VAT per each transfer (single domain or bulk transfer). This is paid directly to Nominet and not the seller.

Create, Renewal and Transfer out fees of .uk domains.

To register a .uk domain name from Secure Names we charge a yeary cost of: £19.99.

To renew a .uk domain name through Secure Names we charge a yearly cost of £19.99

To transfer a .uk domain name away from Secure Names we do not charge for this service.

Can anyone own a .uk domain name.

The simple answer is yes. Nominet at this present in time do not have any restrictions on who can own a .uk domain name.

Nominet Transfer Process = Click Here

If you are unsure of the transfer process of a .uk domain name the above link will give you more insight on what is needed and to be done to officially transfer a .uk domain name from us (securenames) to you (the new owner)

Nominet Whois = Click Here

You can check the whois details of the domain name to make sure we (securenames) are the official owner of the domain name you are enquiring about.

Nominet Transfer Fees = Click Here

To transfer a domain name fomr from us (securenames) to yourself (the new owner) nominet requires a payment for this service. The fees go directly to Nominet not us.

Is it legal to buy and sell domain names.

Selling and buying domain names is legal and you could class it as the same as buying and selling cars, boats etc. Nominet also recognise this and is in the terms and conditions which states:

  –  Section 4d in the drs policy

  1. Trading in domain names for profit, and holding a large portfolio of domain names, are of themselves lawful activities. (DRS Policy Here)

Expired and Expiring Domain Names

If you have a .uk domain name on the SECURENAMES tag we will contact you the same day nominet email us the expiry email this will be a reminder usually sent during the 30 days prior to the expiry of a .uk domain. We will then forward this email onlto you (the client), If you do not respond to the email we send you your domain name could be suspended by nominet or deleted if no payments are made to renew the domain name. Your website and emails will stop working if your domain name is suspended for non payment. It is your responsibilty  to make sure all .uk fees are paid onto.

If you require Secure Names to renew your expired domain name the cost of this is £10.00. For more information please contact us using the contact us form below.

Will you secure a domain name for me

Yes. If we have come to an agreement on a domain name we own you will be required to pay a small booking fee. Once you have paid this (within 24hrs or agreeing on a price) if we get any more enquiries for the domain name you want we will guarantee to to sell it.

After you have paid the booking fee we will hold the domain name for 7 business working days. This will allow payment to reach our account.

Booking Fee: CLICK HERE to pay a booking fee for us to secure your domain name.

Secure Names are Nominet Members under the IPSTAG=SECURENAMES