Welcome to Secure Names Secure Booking Fee.

Congratulations! If you have been directed to this page that means we have agreed on a price for a domain name that we own and you wish to buy from us. The reason you have been sent to this page is to allow you to pay a small booking fee for us to secure the domain name for you. We do this because in the past we have agreed on a price for a domain name but for one reason or another they have decided not to continue with the sale.

This is not very helpful to us as we have many enquiries for domains names everyday and by turning enquiries away for a domain name then the original buyer has pulled out of the sale is very dissapointing.

Below is a safe and secure deposit form for you to fill out. The booking fee needed to secure the domain name is £50. The booking fee is payable within 24 hours of agreeing a final price for the domain name you are wishing to purchase.

Please enter the domain name you are looking for us to secure then press add to cart.

Booking Fee: £50 (payable within 24hrs of reaching an agreement on price)

Enter Domain Name here.

Please Note: The booking fee is NON-Refundable and will be excluded from the final payment recieved. If after 24 hours have past and the booking fee has not been paid we can not guarantee to secure the domain name for you if someone else makes an enquiry for the domain name. After you have paid the booking fee we will hold the domain name for 7 business working days. This will allow payment to reach our account. If after the 7 business working days have passed and we still have not recieved payment we will class the enquiry as expired and can not guarantee to keep the domain name if anyone else makes an enquiry.